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Every year more than 300 women are killed in Papua New Guinea over allegation of sorcery and witchcraft.

“Women NOT Witches” an awareness campaign launched in 2015 by Seeds Theatre group was funded by Oxfam and the Canadian Government. With this campaign Seeds Theatre Group working on the issue of witchcraft in Papua New Guinea by educating and changing the beliefs that boys, young men and the wider society have about sorcery through drama performances as an inclusive media strategy.

With our successful awareness campaign we reached more than 20,000 people excluding media. Following-up this campaign, we are now looking into a production of a short movie that depicts attitudes and accusations of witchcraft against innocent women.

Your donation will help towards the shooting and production of a screenplay titled Women Not Witches, a story which aims to capture millions of viewers in PNG and the world and break the cultural thinking of Papua New Guineans who wrongfully accuse disadvantage women of sorcery.

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