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There is a disease which is fast eating into the very basic fabric of many societies in Papua New Guinea. That disease is domestic violence. The objective of this website is to educate people on what sex and gender are; why domestic violence is a gender issue, the types and forms of domestic violence, and topics regarding gender and gender based violence among many other subjects. Those women and children who are victims of Gender Based Violence or Domestic Violence are also encouraged to contact us for advice or counselling.

Members of PNG Gender Word Press with the help and advice from the gender experts from the Fiji Women Crisis Centre (FWCC) and UN WOMEN will do their utmost to answer your questions on gender based violence or can guide you or refer you to seek proper support and assistance. We would also like to encourage students who have been victims of bullying in schools and also Head Masters and BOG to contact PNG Word Press for help and assistance on how they can deal with bullying in schools.

Apart from the advice and counselling we give to victims of domestic violence, we also carry out drama awareness, create radio plays and write scripts especially on gender based violence and HIV Aids. There is now a Facebook group called PNGADV or Papua New Guinea against Domestic Violence, so we can spread our message of peace with modern technology.

PNG Gender Word Press aims to eliminate all forms of violence against women and children in Papua New Guinea. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries or if you wish to support the group PNG Gender Word Press in any way. Thank you and we are hoping to hear from you soon.