Mission & Objectives


To use theatre and drama as an effective communication tool to address issues that are affecting Papua New Guinea socially, economically and politically.


  1.  To use theatre and drama as a powerful communication tool that will increase the general public’s knowledge and understanding of HIV/AIDS and other STIs. Other health-related issues, social and development issues are also dramatized with the main target audience being illiterate rural and urban settlement populations.
  2. To use theatre and drama as a media strategy to be utilized by unemployed youths within their respective communities. This media strategy is a community-based communication technique used to address illiterate communities which popular media fails to reach due to high levels of illiteracy and lack of accessibility.
  3. To use energies of unemployed local talents in drama, dance and music creatively and innovatively where they use the performing arts as a way of helping their own community for education, entertainment and as a communication tool for social gatherings and art.

Objectives of the Organisation

  1. To restore and sustain messages and information already developed by Government agencies, NGOs, FBO, ESO and CBO, etc.
  2. To train Seeds Theatre’s members on HIV AIDS, STI, Health and other Social Issues affecting them by dramatizing and acting.
  3. To train Seeds Theatre members basic theatrical and technical skills in drama, dance and music as a communication medium.

Specific Objectives

  1. To use theatre as a means of creatively educating the general public in the value and quality of their health and life so individuals can change risky behaviors.
  2. To use theatre as a powerful communication tool that bridges the knowledge gap and improves the level of knowledge using correct and accurate information.
  3. To use theatre and drama as a community based communication tool and strategy.  It is owned by the people and for the people, allowing the community to exercise their basic human right to have access to important information.

It must be noted that millions of Kina was spent on TV, radio and print media to reach a minority of the population in the urban centers of PNG since independence in 1975. This media only reaches about 20% of the population of 6 million and excludes the remaining 80% of citizens.

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