Type of Services Provided

Type of Services provided

  1. Theatre training of artists and village theatre trainers and directors
  2. Promotion and awareness-raising through theatre and drama
  3. Radio drama productions
  4. Road show promotions, advertising and awareness
  5. Radio spots and video clip productions
  6. Performances in road-side markets, settlements, public venues, schools, villages and workplaces etc.
Target Groups
  1. Illiterate persons living in both urban and rural settlements
  2. The working classes and the unemployed
  3. Schools and the general public
  4. All gender groupings and victims and offenders of domestic violence
Key Issues Addressed
  1. HIV/AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis, cholera and other diseases
  2. Illiteracy, urban drift, drug and alcohol abuse, and other social problems
  3. Environmental protection, hygiene, water supply and sanitation
  4. LPV preferential voting system awareness
  5. Domestic violence, gender-based violence, women’s and human rights
  6. Family planning, birth control and cervical cancer


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